Continuing the Legacy and Changing the Narrative

The ISB developed the 100 Influential Georgia Muslims program to showcase the achievements and diversity of Georgia’s Muslim community. We are proud of our community’s success in many sectors of our society: corporate leaders, volunteer activists, medical practitioners, educators, high-tech entrepreneurs, and public servants.

Family, hard work, education, perseverance, compassion, achievement and service to others drive the Influential Georgia Muslims. They are mentors and role models, passing on what they have learned from their mentors and role models. Each Influential pairs his/her professional accomplishments with a deep commitment to serving others.

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The 100 Influential Georgia Muslims are examples to us all.

Honorees 2022

Honorees 2014

Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur

Director, Chief-of-Staff, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“There are so many known and unknown ways I have been blessed by others’ generosity.”

Samia Abdulle

Community Activist, Equity and Inclusion Consultant

“I carry my ancestors on my shoulders, honor their work and elevate their contributions.  I work to honor them not me.”

Hossam “Sam” Abouzeid

Managing Director – KPMG Deal Advisory

“We weren’t created to be alone in the universe, so we must be grateful for all the other people.”

Amir Ahmed

Editor and Producer, CNN

“So long as I can find people who share an understanding of truth and justice, I will always have friends.”

Nadim Ali

Therapist, Imam, Founding Director of the National Black Muslim COVID Coalition.

“Sometimes you just need to make some noise.”

Toqeer Chouhan

The Chouhan Law Firm, Founding Partner

“When I feel too comfortable, I know that it’s time to challenge myself.”

Dr. Saadiq El-Amin, MD, PhD

El-Amin Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute, Professor of Regenerative Medicine at Georgia Gwinnett College and Medical Director at the Concussion Institute at Gwinnett Medical Center.
“I love that I get to help you get back to doing what you love.”

Amani Elghoroury

Volunteer leader: Muslim response to hunger, Nurse at the Cancer Treatment Center

“Never let an opportunity to do something good pass you by.”

Aladien Fadel

Muslim Community Leader, Augusta, Georgia
“Finding commonalities in different faiths has created more opportunities and given me lots of friends.”

Reem Fareed

Director-Technology at AT&T
“I learned at an early age that it’s not special to help people and be part of a community, it’s normal.”

Tariq Farid

CEO of Edible Arrangements
“The more we achieve the more challenges there are to overcome.”

Omar Hamid

Co-founder and CDO at LaunchGood and Sanda
“My parents always took me seriously. Even as a child, they were interested in my ideas and encouraged me to connect.”

Ahmad Hashem

CEO, Boston Biopharma, Roswell, GA
“I balance the drive for innovation with the drive for helping others.”

Nadia Henti

Community Volunteer
I am just a simple lady who does what needs to be done.

Chama Ibrahim

Director, Noor Family Services
“I’m kind of stubborn. If I believe in something I do it.”

Kashef Ijaz

Vice President, Health Programs, The Carter Center
“Making small differences can go a long way.”

Salima Jaffer

President of the Ismaili Council for the Southeastern USA
“As a leader, my main purpose is supporting others to get their jobs done.”

Heval Kelli

Cardiologist, Northside Hospital; Adjunct Prof of Public Health, GSU
“If you invest in people, God invests in you.”

Ahmad Khaldi, MD

Director of Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery at Wellstar Medical Group
“My mentors saw something in me that I didn’t see before.”

Ahmad Khaldi, MD

Past Vice President of the Ismaili Council for the United States, and Managing Partner, Velocity Strategic Consulting
“The more you serve, the happier you become as a human being.”

Cheikh Mboup

President & COO, Edible Brands
“True leaders remove the barriers to success so those who they work with then reach their full potential.”

M. Yusuf Mohamed

Deputy General Counsel, Tesla Inc.
“Authenticity and honesty in behavior and character are the greatest values. Most of us don’t have the mental bandwidth to lead divided lives.”

Shamim A Mohammad

Founder, and CEO of Shifa Care Clinic Inc. Former Medical Director. Health Care Provider
“The way I treat patients is a reflection of my faith: always show compassion and empathy.”

Nadeem Moiz

CFO at Select Interior Concepts
“How can I use my financial and business skill set to help people who can’t see any opportunity for success?”

Jelena Naim

Principal of Al-Falah Academy
“Teachers inspire the next generation of Muslims to take their rightful place at the American Table.”

S. Rashid Naim, PhD

Director Undergraduate Studies Department of Political Science Georgia State University
“The speed of change is astounding, as is the next generation’s optimism for a better world.”

Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy

Founding Director of Madina Institute, Madina Seminary, and Planet Mercy
“If I stop learning today, I cannot teach tomorrow.”

Rashid Nuri

Founder of Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture
“My epitaph should read: Made a Constructive Contribution.”

Muzaffar Quraishi

Global Sales Manager at Fed Ex
“One moment of kindness changed everything.”

The Honorable Sheikh Rahman

Georgia State Senator (D -5)
“It’s not easy to be first. When you’re different, it isn’t easy for people to accept you. It takes hard work to get beyond that.”

Sally Ramadan

Senior Compliance and Privacy Manager at MX
“It’s important to embrace new experiences.”

Emad Sabbah

President & Co-Founder at Ethaar
“It’s amazing to see someone’s life change right before your eyes, once they have the tools.”

Asif Saberi

Medical Director of Critical Care and ECMO at Wellstar Kennestone Regional Medical Center
“Make it a life-long mission to learn one new thing every day.”

Aisha Saeed

New York Times bestselling author
“Our stories have the power to change the world.”

Dr. Nabile Safdar

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), Radilogist; Emory Healthcare: Radiologist, Director of the Division of Imaging Informatics; ISB Board chair
“We want to be around people who do good work and motivate us to do good work.”

Dr. Atef Salam

Professor Emeritus, Department of Surgery, Emory School of Medicine
“Follow and learn from others, that is how to evolve and become a teacher yourself.”

Ahmed Salama

CEO – Oriental Weavers USA
“Success comes from choosing the right people and investing everything in them.”

Safiyyah Shahid

Retired Principal of Mohammed Schools
“I’m a teacher, but the classroom is really the place for me to learn.”

Mulham Shbeib

VPF / CFO @ Mar-Jac Poultry/Mar-Jac Holdings
“It’s important to connect with people; you can find a way to relate to anyone.”

Ambassador Waleed Shamsid-Deen

The only way the whole globe can be open to you is to be sensitive to differences but not be afraid of them.

Fahim Siddiqui

Sr VP at The Home Depot
“What if the next person I meet is from God?”

Charles Whatley

Managing Director, UrbanIS-USA
“We have value beyond our own lifetime.”

Faraz Zubairi

Founder and CEO of ExamMed, CEO of Treehouse Holdings
“I’ve gotten to where I am because smarter people showed me the way.”