Support ISB, support a stronger community

You count on ISB to build bridges of understanding. ISB counts on you to help make that happen. Here is how you can help ISB’s work to make the world a better place for everyone.

Ways to Donate:

One-Time Donation

The Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta serves the Muslim and broader community by building bridges of understanding and mutual respect. All gifts enable ISB to be a catalyst for change, working toward a world where everyone values and appreciates one another. We are grateful for your investment in this work!

Monthly Giving

Become a partner in ISB’s work to engagement and education by committing to a monthly gift. As a monthly donor, your reliable support ensures we’re able to grow our programming throughout the year.

Tribute Giving

Honor a friend or colleague, remember a loved one, or celebrate a special occasion with a tribute gift. ISB will send an acknowledgement of your meaningful contribution to those you are honoring or remembering. Our Donation page has the option to dedicate your gift as a tribute. Complete the form by providing either email or postal address information and an acknowledgement of your gift will be sent.

Employer Matching

Let your employer double or triple your impact! You can make your donation go further, by using or starting a matching gift program at your workplace. Let us know if there is paperwork to complete and we’ll provide your employer with the necessary documentation.

Give Stocks or Mutual Funds

By donating stocks, bonds or mutual funds, you can reap great tax advantages while making a big impact against hunger.

Planned Giving

A gift in your will, trust, or retirement account to the ISB will keep our organization strong for generations. It’s an expression of your trust in future community leaders.