• Huma welcomed not only our group, but others that also were there to pray.

    She invited them to join us and add to the presentation. Everyone was so open
    to questions and the presentation was so informative. My students had a great
    time. I think it was incredibly nice to offer us dinner!”

    Teacher, Christ OurShepherd Lutheran Church

  • Noor has an easy way of engaging the audience so they feel comfortable.

    We are most pleased that she has been able to participate in this program as well as
    the 3 previous ones.”


    Employee, Emory Johns Creek Hospital

  • Rania and Hina were so hospitable, happy

    and enjoyed welcoming and talking to guests! They left a very positive impression! Thank you.”

    Shaheen bharde,RCM

  • Mrs. Huma Faruqi was an excellent and engaging presenter.

    My students were highly engaged in her presentation and enjoyed meeting her.”

    Teacher,Cumberland Academy of Georgia

  • Jelena presented detailed information about Muslims and Islam

    which we appreciated. She also was very willing to answer questions.”

    Professor,University of Georgia's Center for Continuing Education Global TESOL CertificateProgram

  • Hina and Talha are both so gracious and friendly.

    They engaged fully with the
    audience, answering everyone’s questions, and were not phased at all by
    multiple children needing help with crafts. I enjoyed myself and I was so happy
    to see some of our Muslim families participate alongside our non-Muslim
    families. I had lots of compliments from everyone, especially our Muslim
    families, who were so thankful to have programs that reflect their culture.”

    Staffmember, Forsyth County Public Library

  • Alan was relaxed, informative, humorous,

    respectful, warm and personable.”

    Teacher, First Baptist Church Pilgrims's; Sunday School Class

  • The presentation cleared up some misperceptions. 

    Very well presented and knowledgeable.”

    Woodstock Police Department

  • They were excellent.

    Professional, answered question, warm personality.”

    Member, WOW

  • I always enjoy the ISB speakers!

    I got great feedback from students and I hope to see Salma and Tariq again!”

  • The students enjoyed Noor’s enthusiasm

    and all the speakers’ willingness to answer all of their questions! The statistics about where Muslims live and
    differentiating between religion and ethnicity was very helpful for student
    understanding. The kids loved Huma’s artifacts that she brought!”

    Teacher, RiverTrail Middle School

  • Very skilled presenters

    who handled questions very well.”

    Member, St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church

  • Presentation was relevant.

    Speaker was professional, engaging, and very
    energetic. Speaker exceeded our expectations!”

    Teacher, MSA Berkmar HighSchool

  • The speakers did an extremely good job

    We very much enjoyed them all!”

    Teacher, Fellowship Christian School

  • The speaker was extremely poised, eloquent and knowledgeable.

    It is immediately clear she has trained for this and had done it several times in the past. She was quick on her feet, easy to relate to, and dynamic in her answers. She was inspiring and I could not have asked for a better representation of Islam to a group that knew nothing going into it.”

    Member, Dunwoody United MethodistChurch

  • Her presentation was very orderly and organized;

    several students in the class told me that hers was the presentation they most appreciated this semester.”

    Professor, Wesley Foundation at Georgia Tech

  • Amin was extremely knowledgeable, calm and interesting.

    He connected well with the audience and even stayed after the presentation to answer additional questions. He was very open minded and set a great example.”

    Member,Dunwoody United Methodist Church

  • Fara and Faraz did an excellent job presenting to our middle school students and parents!

    Faraz is so funny, sincere and genuine that he immediately made everyone comfortable and made sure that the students (and parents) know they could discuss anything or ask anything. Fara is an excellent speaker, and so open and honest – they both did an outstanding job giving us the basics about Islam and answering all our questions. Thanks so much for sending them as our speakers!”

    Teacher, UUCA

  • We loved how knowledgeable Noor is, teaching us about Islam as she responded to our questions.

    Her easy and open presence invited questions even from our more quiet participants. We shared stories, food, and fellowship in a the two-hour morning that seemed over before we’d begun.”


    Member, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Education for Ministry group

  • Soumaya engaged with our class on a very personal level questions

    The information provided was perfect in terms of depth and breadth for the class.”

    Member, PTC United Methodist Church

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