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The Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) of Atlanta is a nonprofit organization that serves the Muslim and broader community by building bridges of understanding and mutual respect.

Statement of Need

American Muslims live in challenging times. Despite being actively engaged members of society who make their contributions on an everyday basis, they are often misunderstood and viewed unfavorably. According to studies people who are exposed to Muslims often have a better understanding of Islam and Muslims and view them favorably. In Georgia, there is a significant population of over 125,000 American Muslims. With 100,000 American Muslims in the metro Atlanta area and over 80 mosques in the state, there is a growing interest to "Know your Muslim neighbor".

What We Do

ISB provides an opportunity for people to learn about Islam and Muslims in an objective and educational manner through dialogue, outreach programs, presentations, and panels. ISB acts as a catalyst in bringing the American Muslim communities to the forefront as active partners alongside other communities in Georgia. We do this through relationship building, education, leadership development and community involvement.

Dedicated professionals at ISB work together to bring the voices of Muslims to places where they have not been before. We provide the wider community a window into Islam and the lives of their Muslim neighbors & colleagues; a window that showcases the diversity in Islam, the richness of the Muslim communities, and how they contribute to society every day as teachers, doctors, lawyers, volunteers, and artists etc. By creating this awareness about Islam and Muslims we provide a powerful narrative that counters negative stereotypes associated with Muslims so often. ISB also brings religious literacy to the forefront so that people understand each other, embrace commonalities and honor each other's differences. ISB honors the original intent and the contemporary understanding of the US Constitution' s First Amendment guidelines. Whether our programs are in public or private schools, government institutions or private corporations or groups, ISB teaches about the Muslim faith and other religious traditions. We hold deep respect for the beliefs of our program participants, thus we never attempt to proselytize, preach or persuade anyone to change his/her faith.

Our Values

A Trusted Voice of Islam & Muslims

ISB strives to be the trusted voice of Islam and Muslims in the metro Atlanta area. We educate, train and break down stereotypes about Islam. We highlight the diversity and richness of the Muslim communities and showcase how Muslims contribute to the betterment of society in all spheres of life.

Trained & Certified Speakers

Our volunteer speakers are members of the communities that we serve in and present to. They are professionally trained and certified to educate and engage with audiences on a wide variety of topics. “Teach and not preach” is the motto that our speakers follow whether they are presenting about Islam and Muslims or speaking about the world’s other major religions.

Professionalism & Adaptability

We adhere to the highest level of professionalism in all our interactions. Our programs and presentations are adaptable and customizable for your specific needs.

Community Building

We are part of one human family and are responsible for taking care of each other; regardless of our faith, color or background, we are called to serve each other. In this regard, ISB actively participates and engages in activities to build and uplift the Atlanta Community.

Awards Received by ISB

  • 2019 YWCA Women of Achievement - Soumaya Khalifa
  • 2019 Women Making a Mark, Atlanta Magazine Soumaya Khalifa
  • 2018 City of Atlanta Proclamation presented by Atlanta City Council President, The Honorable Felicia Moore - Soumaya Khalifa
  • 2018 Arab American High Achiever Award - Alif Institute
  • 2017 Phoenix Award from Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta - Soumaya Khalifa
  • 2012 Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award
  • 2012 FBI’s Community Leadership Award - Soumaya Khalifa
  • 2004 Masjid Al-Farooq’s Muslim Community Award for Outreach

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