ISB Atlanta / December 1, 2021 /

Persona Affairs’ award-winning CEO Kim Howard-Carswell, “Branding Ombuds” takes a unifying approach to

career branding, operations, workplace conflicts, and leadership development. As a lead international Ethno-
nonviolence trainer for FEHN and Nigeria’s Presidential Amnesty program, she helped transform over 20,000

Niger Delta militants (featured on CNN’s Planet in Peril) into successful employees and productive citizens.
After Kim’s global experience as a Kingian Nonviolence Trainer, she harmonized the organizational conflict system
design and ombudsperson methods into the actionable strategy.

Throughout her career, Kim has authored numerous training curricula as well as three self-marketing
books. Kim served as the Southern Christian Leadership Foundation CLF Program Manager for US
Department “Ambassador for Peace” Nonviolence Training project. She is an Advisory Board Member
and Guest Lecturer at Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Interactive Computing.
Kim earned the “Top 1%” LinkedIn User distinction and national recognition as The 2016 American
Business Women. She served on the Atlanta Area Council African and Southeast Asian Delegation and
facilitated dialogues with progressive leaders in government, NGOs, and business from over 15

For three years, she used her international prowess in conflict reconciliation and served as The King
Center’s Director of Nonviolence365® Training & Development to modernize complex business
operations, portfolio of instruction and structured the pilot delivery for a virtual leadership program. In
addition, to advising, Kim is a member of the International Ombudsman Association’s Diversity Equity
and Inclusion Task Force – Belonging Committee.
Kim is a New York native who relocated to Atlanta to raise her family. She earned a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Communications from Georgia State University. Kim pursued a Master of Science in Conflict
Management from Kennesaw State University and Women as 21st Century Leadership at Park
University. Among other endeavors, she acquired certifications in Advanced Mediation, Organizational
Conflict Management, Negotiations, and International Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation from
The University of Rhode Island and Emory University.

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