ISB Atlanta / March 29, 2021 /

Arshia Shah is a NY licensed attorney, published author, and Founder/CEO of a holistic health business. She also serves as a board member of Camp Butterfly International, a non-profit education and community outreach program for adolescent girls.

Arshia grew up in England, has lived in four different countries and eight different States. She hails from a mixed faith family, with half her family being Christian or Atheist, and the other half Muslim. She studied under former monks and nuns at a Catholic high school (a former castle built by Henry VIII!) and later spent several years here and in Africa and the Middle East studying Islamic theology, law, and spirituality. Consequently, Arshia has natural love and passion for interfaith dialogue, spreading understanding, and building bridges.

She currently lives in Lilburn with her two daughters and various animals.

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