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The Institute for Muslim Civic Leadership (IMCL) is an initiative of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta in collaboration with industry thought leaders and practitioners. IMCL trains and cultivates civic leaders who create positive and constructive changes within communities and add value in the public square.  

"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers." Ralph Nader

IMCL Vision and Mission

Vision – IMCL is the premier leadership development program for cultivating competent and effective civic leaders from within the diverse Muslim and all communities throughout Georgia.

Mission – IMCL seeks to increase and elevate the civic engagement and leadership of Muslims and diverse communities within the public sector. This results in a more vibrant, inclusive, and interconnected civic environment.

Values – IMCL adheres to three core values which underline the leadership development experience. The values are Excellence, Integrity, and Service.

IMCL Values

EXCELLENCE – We embrace accountability for excellence in planning, effort, and outcomes.

INTEGRITY – We adhere to truthfulness, honesty and “walking the talk” of the leader.

SERVICE – We put the needs of those we serve above our own personal needs and desires.

Service to others is the rent you pay here for your room on earth.” -- Muhammad Ali


What Participants Get from the IMCL Experience

  • Improve their leadership skills from current baseline
  • Gain a better understanding of community leadership and become more effective as a community leader
  • Join a vibrant statewide network of civic and community leaders

What Organizations and Communities Get from IMCL graduates

  • Stronger, more effective leaders who improve team functioning and productivity
  • Networking connections and resources that can help advance the organization’s goals


“True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. It is not about exalting themselves but about lifting others up.” -- Sheri L. Dew

IMCL Platform –  The IMCL program stands upon four foundational pillars central to IMCL: Cultivate, Connect, Inspire and Work.

Cultivate: IMCL aims to develop competent, knowledgeable, courageous, and action-oriented leaders who will apply their leadership skills to civic engagement initiatives and organizations throughout Georgia. IMCL participants gain a better understanding of themselves and their roles as community leaders while enhancing their leadership skills.

Connect:  IMCL provides an opportunity for community leaders to connect. Members will be able to meet with and hear from leaders in the business and non-profit sector, local and state officials, and other community leaders. Participants will gain a better understanding of how to effectively lead change in their respective spheres of influence. The IMCL Alumni Network will be a tremendous resource for networking, mentoring, and mobilizing people and resources towards aspirational goals.

Inspire: IMCL develops leaders who apply critical thinking and creativity to solve current issues.  IMCL participants apply their leadership training to create meaningful impact within their respective communities, occupations, and spheres of influence.    

Work: Group projects chosen by IMCL participants will afford them practical opportunities for them to do “real world application” of the content learned in the program. The projects will reinforce learning, generate teamwork, and benefit civic initiatives. 

IMCL is a nine-month program featuring a series of leadership modules developed by thought leaders and practitioners. The time commitment for IMCL participants is one full Saturday per month for the duration of the program.

The IMCL curriculum contains modular content related to the following competencies:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Making Group Decisions
  • Building Communities Through Collaboration
  • Valuing Community Diversity
  • Group Dynamics
  • Conducting Successful Meetings
  • Managing Conflict
  • Local Government

Additional Resources – Guest Speakers: Besides learning from the curriculum, the IMCL brings in subject matter experts as guest speakers who share their perspectives and experiences relative to civic and community leadership. Participants will hear from people in the field and how they manage the different issues brought up throughout the course of the program. This allows participants the opportunity to see the curriculum applied on a first-hand basis and to ask questions. This holistic approach to leadership training and development maximizes learning, retention, and application of new skills by participants.

Applied Learning - Community Projects: As part of the IMCL requirements participants will team up to plan and execute a group community project.  These projects will be developed within small groups of fellow participants and should generate beneficial value for the community as defined by the group.  Participants will have the freedom to select their own scope of work, within certain guidelines, and implement the project from start to finish. Updates on group projects are presented at the IMCL sessions and feedback/support from staff is provided.  Each group will be paired with a member of the ISB Leadership Council as a group advisor.  Towards the end of the course, the various groups present their projects to the entire cohort as well as various stakeholders.

To be eligible to apply for the program, participants must be at least 25 years old and must be nominated by a sponsor or self-nominate. IMCL candidates should have passion for civic engagement and community service, prior leadership experience, and experience working within groups and organizations. IMCL candidates should have prior volunteer or community engagement experience as well as a basic understanding of issues facing their community.

Participants from ALL backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to apply.

The tuition fees for the IMCL 2018-2019 are as follows:
Adult: $500.00
Student: $150.00

Limited scholarships are available for 50% of the fee.  Financial necessity will have to be documented and demonstrated.  Please contact for details.  If a scholarship is granted, attendance to ALL sessions will be required or the scholarship will be forfeited and the recipient will have to pay the remainder of the dues.

Tuition fees are payable in full one week prior to the commencement of the program.  Payment in installments will be acceptable upon approval by the Program Manager.

The selection process consists of three stages:

  1. Online Application: In this stage, applicants will provide basic information about themselves as well as their community involvement and volunteer experiences and help us understand their knowledge of community issues and current events.  Access the application here.
  2. Interviews (group/individual): After submitting the online application, candidates will be asked to participate in scheduled interviews. The interview process will be used to gauge the candidate’s ability to work within a team, prior leadership experience, willingness to learn, and interest in doing work that benefits the community.
  3. Selection: Based on a review of the candidates' online applications and assessment of their interview responses, a total of 20 - 30 participants will be selected for the 2018-2019 cohort of the Institute for Muslim Civic Leadership.

Zaynab Ansari




Zaynab Ansari is an instructor and scholar-in-residence at Tayseer Seminary in Knoxville, Tennessee, an institution that provides formal academic training in Islamic Studies. Ansari teaches several of these classes, and has traveled both nationally and internationally as a public speaker on Islam. She also worked extensively with Qibla for the Islamic Sciences, and has been a contributor to MuslimMatters, SeekersHub, Lamppost Productions and Azizah Magazine.


Abdullah Jaber




Abdullah Jaber currently serves as a resident scholar for the central Masjid of Atlanta, Al Farooq Masjid of Atlanta and also Masjid Omar bin Abdul Aziz. He is a board member of FAMA (Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta) and ASHA (Atlanta South Asian Health Alliance).  He is also a co-founder of MYLA (Muslim Youth of Los Angeles). Currently, he is focused on building Tibyaan, an Islamic seminary which aims to enrich and empower lives of individuals and communities through faith, education, and activism.



Jeremy Solomons




Jeremy Solomons is an independent coach, consultant and trainer in Global Leadership, helping current and future leaders to connect with themselves and engage fully with the world. He has extensive professional (and personal) interfaith experience from his first family's Orthodox Judaism to Islam to Buddhism and more recently to Methodism, working closely with the Trinity Church of Austin. Born in Manchester, England, educated at Oxford and now based in Austin, Texas, he has lived in eight countries around the world; he has worked as a full-time banker, educator and journalist for six multinational organizations - including the World Bank and Reuters News Agency; he has been fluent in three languages, apart from his mother-tongue English; he holds two passports; and he has one daughter and one cat.


Rita Wuebbeler




Rita Wuebbeler is President and Founder of INTERGLOBE Cross-Cultural Business Services, Inc., where she helps leaders of global organizations and global virtual teams reach their highest performance potential. Rita teaches Mindful Leadership to leaders who want to be more intentional and less reactive in their leadership approach.


Rita is a certified Executive Coach and holds a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential from the International Coaching Federation (IFC). She is a Senior Facilitator with Personal Leadership Seminars, a Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), and a certified administrator of the DISC Behavioral Profile. Rita regularly presents at international professional conferences on the topics of leadership development, cultural competency building, effective communication and organizational development, as well as in industry-specific areas.


Amir Ghannad




Amir Ghannad is an international Keynote Speaker, Author, Leadership Development Specialist and Culture Transformation Catalyst. He is the president and founder of the Ghannad Group, LLC.  He guides leaders and equip them with the tools, skills, and the mindset to create extraordinary workplace cultures that deliver breakthrough results, even in the most unfavorable circumstances. With over 3 decades of experience in leadership and organizational development, Amir’s commitment is to transform every workplace into a "showcase of excellence" and a "cradle of prosperity" that produces extraordinary results for all stakeholders and is a source of pride, fulfillment, and inspiration for all team members. His organization provides a variety of services, ranging from speaking to workshops and consulting to empower people at all levels of the organization to discover the Transformative Leader within. He is the author of the book The Transformative Leader.


Henna Inam



Henna Imam believes our fast-changing world needs each of us to be inspired leaders who make the world better for all. She helps leaders create transformation within themselves and their teams in service of missions that matter. Her company partners globally with Fortune 500 organizations to help leaders create cultures of innovation, engagement and growth. She works with leaders and teams at pivot points, helping them create transformation within and around them. Her book "Wired for Authenticity"​ was named "Leadership Book of the Year 2016" and shares seven practices to inspire, adapt, and lead. Her 20-year corporate career included roles such as Region President in charge of a $600MM P&L, Global CMO of a $2 Billion business, and Head of Digital Innovation. She brings a global mindset, having lived/worked in 7 countries across 4 continents.  

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